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      • Funeral Services

        Even before the COVID pandemic, Live Streaming became an important element for funerals and weddings. Primarily because not everyone would have the means to attend in person due to travel constraints, financial challenges or health reasons.
        We’ll take care of your Live streaming and Virtual webcast needs so you can focus on other things.The services we provide are not only fulfilling a Live Stream need, but we will do so with the utmost respect and give you professional production value.If you are needing to Live Stream a funeral service in Los Angeles, Burbank, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Malibu, Glendale, Van Nuys, Studio City, Pasadena, or other cities in southern California, we can help.

      • Funeral Live Stream companies in Los Angeles have emerged due to demand.
        Not every mortuary offers Live Streaming for Funeral Services in Los Angeles and other cities.
        This is because they are limited on resources.
        Most undertakers welcome their customers to bring in third party companies to handle webcasting funeral services in Los Angeles.

      • We’ll broadcast the services to our own private platform on Vimeo for your viewers to watch hassle-free on a laptop or desktop computer, Windows or Mac, or any smartphone device.
        The broadcast is private and secure but can be shared.


  • Audio is one of the biggest oversites from amateur live streamers.
    Shoddy audio quality makes for a bad viewing experience for your online guests.
    We make sure to give you the best results.
    We use wireless mics to avoid running cables and to save time.
    Let us worry about the technical aspects of webcasting a funeral for a loved one while you relax and engage in the services.


      • Public Address System Add-On

        Need some amplification for your outdoor internment Services?
        We might can he
        lp.PA speaker for internment funerals services outdoor Los angeles Hollywood

        We can bring a small Fostex Speaker to amplify anyone who speaks into our Live-Stream microphone.
        It will double as the main mic going out to the streaming broadcast as well as to a local PA system.
        We provide one speaker very capable of supporting amplified sound for a small gathering, usually 10-40 people.
        The (optional) add-on cost for this service is $50.



  • Pricing

    • Our rates are based on the location of the services.
      Our comfort zone is our TMZ, the “Thirty mile Zone” of Hollywood.
      If we travel outside of that area, we may reflect that factor in our pricing.
      We’ll let you know.
      We collect half down for a deposit at the time of booking, the other half on the day of, after the services are rendered.
      Recently we have conducted Live Streaming for funeral services in Inglewood, Winnetka, Rancho Cucamonga, West Covina, Santa Monia, Northridge and even as far south as Yorba Linda.



    Typically, we email you an electronic invoice for a convenient and secure way of paying.

    The price includes the actual stream, and any work required to prep for the stream and work after the stream is over (uploading a master copy for you to download).
    We also create a courtesy landing page for your live event.

    Our Set Up

    • Live Streams can be a single camera or two cameras.Forest lawn Live Stream Services
      Two-Camera streams involve more time for set-up and more equipment to load in.
      Sometimes the extra set-up time needed for multi-camera productions is not possible due to gaining early access to the venue we are setting up in.
      If you are interested in a multi-camera stream please call us for further details.To keep it on the safe side, especially when time is of the essence, we go with our single-camera set up which only takes about 45 minutes or less to set up.
      Other physical encounters such as obstructions and obstacles with human interaction can sometimes hinder our ability to set up our Live Streams rigs.

      We are aware of such things as unexpected parking scenarios, distance from our truck to the actual venue (for loading in equipment), security guard confusion, clergy questions, and other things that may cause delays.
      We take into consideration those factors when scheduling to make sure that we get there on time and we have plenty of margin for incidentals that may delay our set up.
      Experience is what you’re getting. We’ve been through it all.. 


    We’re Self-Sufficient
    No need to worry about WiFi on location (or power).

    We furnish our own bonded internet (ISP) and data rates are included for the first 2 hours of streaming.
    We also bring our own power source, a 500kwh battery supply which gives us up to 6 hours of juice.

    Don’t Need a Live Stream? Let us simply RECORD your event
    We’ll be glad to record your event and then deliver you a master copy via Dropbox or USB thumb drive. OR we can upload your recorded event, to our private server and allow your recorded content available for a Direct Download or Video Playback (up to 30 days) at no additional costs. We have coordinated a webcast and held live stream services at Forest Lawn and other cemeteries around  Hollywood and Los Angeles.
    We hope you feel the price for a funeral live feed service in Los Angeles is fair for what we are providing you.

  • What We Can Do for You

  • A private URL (link) can be given to you in advance so you can distribute the link to your online guests so they will have a place to go and view the Live Stream.
    After the service is over, I will send you another private link which will be a recording of the services so you can view and download it directly to a computer if you wish.
    If you would like to move forward or have any questions just let me know and I can email you an official quote on our letterhead.
    We can also set up the landing page for you (just email me a photo of your loved one along with their name).

    You’ll be able to share the link so that others who may have missed the Live Stream can view the services at their leisure.

    Quotes & Estimates
    We collect half down for a deposit at the time of booking, the other half on the day of, after the services are rendered. A private URL (link) can be given to you in advance so you can distribute the link to your online guests so they will have a place to go and view the Live Stream.

  • Call us at
    (213) 458-7003
    Email Us


  • NOTE:
    Streaming to a free CDN, (Content Delivery Network) such as Facebook or YouTube does not guarantee delivery of your Live Stream. 
    Simply put, they can take down the stream at any time they want and for any reason. 
    Mostly when that happens it is because of music heard in the background when their algorithms "think" it may be a copyright violation. 
    We have no control of social media's streaming policies except to avoid Streaming events with music content in them (even original music).
    Our private, premium, Add-Free, Vimeo Player is clean, and will not compromise a Stream over any music.  
    We can also Live Stream to multiple social media platforms where you can copy and paste our player link (of your event) 
    onto social media feeds where you can redirect your followers to our Add-Free Vimeo landing page.  
    Also, if you wish, we can stream directly to websites via embedded code.

    Funeral Live Stream Services is a Division of Starr Live Events of
    Los Angeles


    Serving the following cemeteries

    Angelus-Rosedale Cemetery

    Calvary Cemetery (Los Angeles)
    Chapel of the Pines Crematory
    Chinese Cemetery of Los Angeles

    Eden Memorial Park Cemetery
    Evergreen Cemetery (Los Angeles)

    Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Glendale)
    Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills)

    Hollywood Forever Cemetery
    Home of Peace Cemetery (East Los Angeles)

    Los Angeles National Cemetery

    Mount Sinai Memorial Park Cemetery
    Mount Zion Cemetery

    Oakwood Memorial Park Cemetery
    Odd Fellows Cemetery
    Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park and Mortuary
    Portal of the Folded Wings Shrine to Aviation

    San Fernando Mission Cemetery
    San Fernando Pioneer Memorial Cemetery

    Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery
    Verdugo Hills Cemetery

    All Souls Cemetery and Mausoleum, Long Beach, CA
    Fairmount Cemetery, Azusa, CA
    Forest Lawn Covina Hills, Covina Hills, CA
    Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, CA
    Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, CA
    Grand View Memorial Park, Glendale, CA
    Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA
    Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City, CA
    Home of Peace Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA
    Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood, CA
    Live Oak Memorial Park, Monrovia, CA
    Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA
    Mountain View Cemetery, Altadena, CA
    Queen of Heaven Cemetery, Rowland Heights, CA
    Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier, CA
    Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA
    San Fernando Mission Cemetery, Mission Hills, CA
    Westwood Memorial Park, Los Angeles, CA
    Woodlawn Cemetery, Santa Monica, CA

    Mountain View Cemetery Altadena
    Avalon Cemetery Avalon
    Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park
    Lincoln Memorial Park Carson CA
    Artesia Cemetery Cerritos
    Oakwood Memorial Park Chatsworth
    Mount Carmel Cemetery City Of Commerce
    Park Lawn Memorial Park City Of Commerce
    Russian Molokan Cemetery
    Oak Park Cemetery Claremont
    Angeles Abbey Memorial Park Compton CA
    Woodlawn Cemetery Compton
    Hillside Memorial Park Culver City
    Old Downey Cemetery Downey
    Roosevelt Memorial Park Gardena
    Forest Lawn Memorial Park Glendale Glendale CA
    Grand View Memorial
    Oakdale Memorial Glendora
    Inglewood Park Cemetery Inglewood
    Olive Lawn Memorial Park La Mirada CA
    All Souls Cemetery Long Beach
    Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery Long Beach
    Long Beach Cemetery
    Sunnyside Cemetery
    Beth Israel Cemetery
    Beth Olam Mausoleum
    Calvary Cemetery
    Chapel of the Pines
    Chinese Cemetery
    Eden Memorial Park
    Evergreen Cemetery
    Forest Lawn Memorial Park Hollywood Hills
    Glen Haven Memorial Park
    Hollywood Forever Cemetery

    Home Of Peace Cemetery
    Los Angeles County Cemetery
    Los Angeles National Cemetery
    Mausoleum Of The Golden West
    Mount Sinai Memorial Park
    Mount Zion Cemetery
    Odd Fellows Cemetery
    Rosedale Cemetery
    Serbian Cemetery Los Angeles
    Westwood Memorial Park
    San Fernando Mission Cemetery Mission Hills CA
    Resurrection Cemetery Dr Montebello CA

    Valhalla Memorial Park North Hollywood CA
    Young Israel Cemetery Norwalk CA
    Holy Cross Cemetery Pomona CA
    Pomona Cemetery Pomona CA
    Spadra Cemetery Pomona CA
    Green Hills Memorial Park Rancho Palos Verdes CA
    Pacific Crest Cemetery Redondo Beach CA
    El Monte/Savannah Cemetery Rosemead CA
    Queen Of Heaven Cemetery Rowland Heights CA
    San Gabriel Cemetery San Gabriel CA
    San Gabriel Mission Cemetery San Gabriel
    Harbor View Memorial Park San Pedro CA

    Woodlawn Cemetery Santa Monica CA
    Pascual Marquez Family Cemetery Santa Monica
    Sierra Madre Cemetery Sierra Madre
    Pioneer Memorial Cemetery Sylmar
    Valley Oaks Memorial Park Cemetery
    Rose Hills Memorial Park Whittier, Ca
    Wilmington Cemetery
    Acton Community Cemetery
    Desert Lawn Memorial Park
    Forest Lawn Memorial Park Covina Hills
    Holy Cross Cemetery
    Little Lake Cemetery
    Mount Olive Memorial Park

    Olive Grove Cemetery
    Palmdale Cemetery
    Palomares Cemetery
    Paradise Memorial
    Sholom Memorial
    Verdugo Hills Cemetery